Turn your employees into the brand ambassadors and build trust online

Using the all-in-one platform for employee advocacy

Set up & Manage your employee influencers program using all-in-one platform

Empower your most influential employees to share and create company-related content, incentivizing the process to reward consistency and drive motivation.

  • Join the process of creating the program
  • Explore the process of gamification
  • Motivate your teams to achieve outstanding results
  • Define the leaders of the program

Collaborate & Support your team in creating valuable content throughout the company

Strengthen your teams’ voice. Give them a tool where they can cooperate in order to create the most valuable content online!

  • Cooperate on the content creation
  • Comment & advise when your team needs you
  • Connect the teams on creating the content
  • Pass the latest company news & info to your teams

Monitor, Analyze and calculate the ROI

Take a deep dive into clear analytics and measure results of your employee advocacy program.

  • Analytics dashboard showcasing the results & activity
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Monitor your team effort & receive recommendations
  • Measure the return on investment

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